Re: The Intellectual Origins Of America-Bashing By Lee Harris

Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 18:39:44 GMT

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    > > I am glad that you pointed this matter out as many people conflate
    > > the
    > two.
    > > I am a socialist, but not a Marxist. Likewise I am on the 'left',
    > > but only because the ones who I disagree with most claim that they
    > > are 'right' (not to be confused with correct).
    > it's an important distinction. in the aftermath of 9-11, the left is
    > getting slammed and slandered everywhere. finding convenient ways to
    > associate the left with failure makes the journalists who spew their
    > right-eousness look like they are actually making a valid criticism.
    > and as the left is far and away outnumbered in the media by the center
    > (which most see as the left) and the right, there is little in the way
    > of public discourse and defense. perhaps part of the issue is that the
    > Left does not tend to centralize and does not tend to package its
    > message in sound-bytes read by puppets.
    > because substance is not included within the "news" that most people
    > receive from the media, people have been trained to read for
    > "association." the conjunction is a useless part of the language now.
    > as long as you can equate two encapsulated buzz-words, you have all
    > the news that's print to fit. lumping in the Left with Marxism is one
    > of those associations which have no substance. the strategy works
    > because when forced to defend these allegations, the right pulls out
    > another spin tactic: find a marxist and prove they are on the Left.
    > Since that, too, is read through associations. the associative
    > equation goes from: Left=Failed ideology to Person X=Left=Failed
    > ideology.
    > there are many other left myths, based on the same associative spin.
    > here are a couple:
    > 1) the anti-war left supports terrorism.
    > This despite the fact that criticism of the Taliban had been slung
    > from the Left since its inception...that human rights groups have
    > always decried the mistreatment of women in fundamentalist
    > regimes...that even the marxist and academic left were critical of the
    > dangerous games being played by the US in their funding of local
    > warlords. however, since this time the US has pronounced war on an
    > ideology that is justifiably dangerous, it's forced anti-war efforts
    > to change strategy...instead of emphasizing that war is a mistake, the
    > anti-war left has to explain alternatives to perform the same end. and
    > such alternatives require attention to substance, which is just not
    > something that the media carriers care for.
    > And, of course, it's not just the left that supports's
    > drug addicts, too. commercials have shown, by association, that drugs
    > are sold by dealers who get their drugs from people who finance
    > terrorists. associative equation: drugs=supports terrorism.
    > The same equation was never made for oil. a more accurate one would
    > be: oil=supports nations which support terrorism.
    > 2) the left are proponents of a failed economic system (marxism)
    > This despite the massive anti-globalization movements dominated by
    > non-marxist thinking. the public has been trained to think that you
    > are either a capitalist OR you are a communist. thus, the associative
    > equation: Anti-Capitalism=Communism.
    > > Oh BTW are you A, B or A and B, and are you positive or negative?
    > i am the "A" in "A and B," positively.
    > > PS: Just for the record, I don't think that capitalism will work
    > > either
    > i agree...mostly because it propels centralization and larger
    > populations, requires exploitation, and is very good at becoming a
    > pandemic.
    > alfred
    Capitalism, like democracy, is the worst of all possible systems, with the exception of every other system that has ever been tried...
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