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Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 18:14:48 GMT

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    On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 11:16 AM, Grant Callaghan wrote:

    > "You can make tricks that you would do one time,'' Mr. Askeland
    > said. "We preferred to focus on the emotional aspects of play.
    > Nurturing and friendship are things that stay with you for a
    > lifetime.''

    Spock (stroking a tribble): "A most curious creature, Captain. Its trilling seems to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system. Fortunately, of course, I am immune to its effect…" (the others stare at him as he continues to stroke the tribble)

    (Spock and McCoy in the medical lab with a few dozen tribbles) Spock: "They remind me of the lilies of the field—'they toil not, neither do they spin'. But they seem to eat a great deal. I see no practical use for them." McCoy: "Does everything have to have a practical use for you? They're nice, soft, and they're furry and they make a pleasant sound." Spock: "So would an ermine violin, Doctor, but I see no advantage in having one."

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