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Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 13:56:22 GMT

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    >Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 14:44:57 -0600
    >From: joedees@bellsouth.net
    >Subject: RE: Why Europe is so Contrary
    >Yep, pollution (including ozone layer depletion and global warming),
    >natural resource depletion (including deforestation) and species
    >diversity loss all have as their common denominator human
    >overpopulation. Until this root cause is responsibly addressed, we will
    >be stuck with its disastrous effects.

    It appears true that pollution, depletion and environmental degradation are caused by human activity. But, the environmental impact of humanity is a function of several factors, only one of which is actual population.

    I don't think that linking environmentalism with population control is an effective construct to spread the environmentalism meme. Human beings, like any organism, are genetically programmed to procreate. It is possible to hijack this programming to some alternate end but I think confronting it head on is a losing proposition.

    As an alternative, we might consider linking environmentalism to quality of life and the future success of our heirs. We could promote replicators that programs people to believe that reduced consumption will result in more successful and fulfilling procreation ("spending more time with the kids is more important than dressing all of us in designer clothes").

    Best, Reed

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