Re: The Intellectual Origins Of America-Bashing By Lee Harris

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 13:31:55 GMT

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    On 12/09/02 08:11, A and B Vitale said this-

    >> PS: Just for the record, I don't think that capitalism will work either
    >i agree...

    Let us not forget- there are as many (perhaps more) 'right' myths perpretrated by the 'left'.

    Right = fundamentalist

    Right = republican

    Right = hawk

    Right = anti-labor

    Right = racist

    Right = white

    In fact, the record of right-bashing by the 'left' is just as rancorous and infantile as any left-bashing by the 'right'.

    - Wade

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