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Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 12:49:02 GMT

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    On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 05:26 AM, Van oost Kenneth wrote:

    >> On the other hand, 'mental replicators' still seems, to me, to be a
    >> nonsense phrase.
    > Something of interest Wade !?
    > Mental Conditions,
    > Wim De Muijnck got his PhD. upon Dependencies, Connections and other
    > Relations. A theory of mental causation.
    > He concludes that mental conditions are more than merely states of the
    > brain.
    > What are mental conditions !?

    These are the same things as in the memesinthemind model- precursory mental activities/states/memories to action. As this continues, (saying actions are not movements, a clumsy construction, IMHO), once that umbrella is opened, outside, there is a satisfaction of these states.

    All fine, all good, and you stay dry.

    But, suppose it was a mite windier than you thought (ah ha, perhaps those mental conditions can be unconnected to the real world), and when you opened the umbrella, it left your hand and went into a tree.

    All your mental conditions went for nought.

    And, in all situations, there are things that put some mental preparations to nought. But, the actual result is what is observed. In this case, an observer did not see the successful completion of your mental condition, you under the umbrella, dry, instead, he saw you cursing and soaked.

    Memes are the movements within these abrogating physical situations that get replicated in another's behavior. They might be one hundred percent expected movements, but they don't have to be, and what is replicated is always (unless the whole idea of mental replicator includes telepathy) an attempt to continue what is observed, not what the other was, is, or might be thinking.

    The meme is the behavior. The mental condition is just that. The car depends upon the factory, but it is not a car within it.

    - Wade

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