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    >Subj: Re: Islam and Violence 
    > Date: 12/7/2002 8:25:21 PM Central Standard Time
    > From: MARYLY
    > To:
    > Is participation limited to the 4-5 of you?
    > Thank you.
    No Maryly, But it must look that way sometimes :~)
    > Just a thought from a lowly college prof:  there has always been a
    >difference between "religion" and "spirituality."  Francis of Assisi was
    >spiritual first, but given the time in which he lived, did his best to
    >assuage the Church.  Churches are institutions, and as such, do indeed
    >exist to perpetuate themselves.
    > Religion was the primary enforcer of social norms for centuries in Europe
    >and the East.  Has that changed?  Isn't the Islamic jihad a recursion to
    >that attitude?
    > maryly
    And Yes to your question Jeremy

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