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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 11:40:54 GMT

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    >> Achieving consensus is never easy or simple. It requires work and
    >> leadership to bring the minority groups into the picture. The
    >> Japanese used to complain about the tyrany of the majority but found
    >> it to be preferable to the tyrany of the minority or the tyrany of one
    >> man. Consensus means bringing agreement between diverse groups, not
    >> the dominanace of a single party. It's a consumation devoutly to be
    >> wished rather than a slam dunk. An ideal we work toward rather than
    >> something we take for granted.
    >> Grant
    >This is also why a workable democracy needs to be constitutional; to
    >guarantee the basic human rights of the minority, even when they do
    >not have the consensus to lead.
    Jeremy: But in any democracy the minority at least get to vote, and their vote is worth the same as any other vote. The UN is a oligarchy, a rule by the few. IMO it is a dictatorship and exists to benifit those few. Jeremy

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