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    ----- Original Message ----- From: <> Grant,
    > > Achieving consensus is never easy or simple. It requires work and
    > > leadership to bring the minority groups into the picture. The
    > > Japanese used to complain about the tyrany of the majority but found
    > > it to be preferable to the tyrany of the minority or the tyrany of one
    > > man. Consensus means bringing agreement between diverse groups, not
    > > the dominanace of a single party. It's a consumation devoutly to be
    > > wished rather than a slam dunk. An ideal we work toward rather than
    > > something we take for granted.
    > This is also why a workable democracy needs to be constitutional; to
    > guarantee the basic human rights of the minority, even when they do
    > not have the consensus to lead.

    Strange way of changing tone Joe ! You said in an earlier post that we, here in Belgium got a serious problem on our hands with a minor group of Radical Muslims. Our laws and constitution guarantees to their full extend their basic human rights so where you see than the problem !?

    The thing is that we don 't have problems with them, but more likely they have problems with us to the extend that they want education in their native tongue, and special islamistic schools to teach the children the basic rules of Islam. Within our laws there is a certain gap which can be inter- pretated like the above, that is within Belgium law the possibility is due to open special ( Islamitic and others) schools, but still the majority rules and within Belgium law we guarantee their rights....

    Giving extensive rights to any kind of minority leads automatically to a certain unbalance within the leading majority_ will we dispatch some of their legitimate human rights/ freedom and equality in order that they comply with our ruling !? If you don 't give one special treatment to the one why guarantee it for the other !?

    Not sure where this leads to, but there you have it....


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