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From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Sun 08 Dec 2002 - 22:16:06 GMT

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    >On Sunday, December 8, 2002, at 04:21 PM, Lawrence DeBivort wrote:
    >>A meta-goal, I suppose, is that all participants become mutually
    >>And yes, there are strong trends also favoring this, which is, of course,
    >>what brings us to the point of considering such an initiative. I am
    >>now of how the Net might be used to support the initiative: the Net itself
    >>reflects and drives such an initiative.
    >Once we become mutually accessed to knowledge, this meta-goal might be
    >The internet, while an agent of dissemination unequaled in any history, has
    >yet to be accessible to and for and by all.
    >But, yes, the egalitarianism of influence would be a huge step.
    >>Perhaps the biggest obstacle is simple cynicism.
    >The biggest obstacle is local power.
    >- Wade

    India is the poster country for that theme. Here is a country with so much grain they can afford to export it and hundreds of thousands of people are starving because of local power. That's also the problem in most of Africa and South America. Local power feeds its cronies first and to hell with the rest. Look at Zimbabwe, where the government took the land away from the only people who knew how to use it to feed the people and gave it to people who don't because they voted for the boss man.

    It's going to take more than ideas to change the entrenched memes of people who don't feel like they are part of any world but their own. Even people in first world countries will defend their culture to the death and find reasons to look down on their neighbors.

    Integration has been the theme of change in America for the last 30 years but when black students were admitted to major universities in large numbers, the first thing they did was start hanging around with each other to the exclusion of most non-black students. Of course, that made them feel more comfortable and they spoke the same language, but it made a mockery of what people were doing to try and help them get integrated.

    I've read a few sci-fi stories that explored the theme of what would happen if we thought there was an alien force coming to take over our planet. That may be the only thing that might bring us together -- fear of something bigger than ourselves. I guess that's what God was created for. Now that nobody really believes in Him anymore, what can we invent to take His place?


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