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Date: Sun 08 Dec 2002 - 19:29:53 GMT

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    > > Non-dictatorial countries are governed by consensus. The new world
    > > government in the form of the U.N. is also reaching for consensus. If
    > > fail to achieve it, we will become ungovernable and some will seek to
    > > order rather than endure chaos or anarchy. We gain consensus through
    > > leadership rather than by imposition. If we don't learn to lead we will
    > > either have to follow or impose our will on others. Europe seems
    > > to follow. America is trying to lead but doesn't seem to know how to
    > > achieve a consensus. As a result we get accused of imposing our will on
    > > everyone else.
    >Yes, but I fail to see where consensus leads us to if, like here in Belgium
    >the votes go majority against minority ! Where is the consensus in such
    >a form of democracy !? If the majority has enough seats, they don 't need
    >consensus, do they !? We are bound to follow, willing or not, even the
    >ain 't got my vote ! Where does that leaves me !?
    >And for what will that consensus world- wide stand if the UN sets up demo-
    >cracies against dictatorships when voting is concerned !?
    >Will the majority of democracies win and the disctatorships loose, or will
    >has its saying also in the debate !?
    >Will it become the majority of Muslim- peoples against the minority of
    >Christianity !?
    >Or will the English language use its majority to impose its strenght !?
    >It is not that simple if you are willing to concern notions as
    >individuality, authenti-
    >city and identity !

    Achieving consensus is never easy or simple. It requires work and leadership to bring the minority groups into the picture. The Japanese used to complain about the tyrany of the majority but found it to be preferable to the tyrany of the minority or the tyrany of one man. Consensus means bringing agreement between diverse groups, not the dominanace of a single party. It's a consumation devoutly to be wished rather than a slam dunk. An ideal we work toward rather than something we take for granted.


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