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Date: Sun 08 Dec 2002 - 11:06:37 GMT

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    >> Joe:
    >> >Other examples of environmentally suicidal indigenous tribes are the
    >> >ancient Easter Islanders and the Anasazi indians of the American
    >> >southwest. It is a meme and a myth, kinda like the old 'noble
    >> >savage', 'ancient sage' saw, that older cultures were always wiser.
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    >> Jeremy:
    >> Look Joe, I know that I am a devout environmentalist but the only
    >> culture that I am aware of which could be described as
    >> "environmentally suicidal" is our modern industrial one. Just to touch
    >> the edges, if the 'developing nations' were to 'develop' to the stage
    >> that the affluent West has it would cost us another three planets
    >> worth of resources, and the pollution would have killed us long before
    >> that anyway. Peace, simplicity, and environmental care are what we
    >> need for sustainability. If we could achieve those goals I would say
    >> that we had reached a highly evolved state. Only low animals foul
    >> their surroundings and waste their resources Joe. I am not saying,
    >> "older cultures were always wiser". What I am saying is that it is a
    >> meme and a myth that newer cultures are always wiser. Jeremy
    >I just point out those two cultures as examples of cultures that killed
    >themselves through depleting their available resources. It is a simple
    >fact that they did, and they died; that makes them suicidal, even if
    >unintentionally so.
    Jeremy: As I said Joe, the trick is to achieve sustainability. Do you think that we can evolve to such a state, or will we die out like the Easter Islanders? Are we being suicidal right now with our war-mongering and polution?
    :~( Jeremy

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