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Date: Sun 08 Dec 2002 - 01:39:40 GMT

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    > From: Jeremy Bradley <>
    > Subject: RE: Why Europe is so Contrary
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    >> for example, seems to mark the begining and end of the dynosaurs.
    >> Mitocondrial eve marks the beginning of mankind. This way of looking at the
    >> universe seems so engrained in our nature that it must occupy some deeper
    >> place in our makeup than a cultural meme.
    >> Grant
    > I don't think so Grant cos some cultures, mostly ones that we have
    > defeated, had achieved stability and sustainability within their
    > environments. These folk view 'development' as undesirable or bad. For them
    > harmony with the nature that they found themselves in was the primary goal
    > of existence. In all cases that I have found, such cultures have narrative
    > patterning and content which predicates this cultural 'norm'.
    > That's the short answer.
    > Jeremy

    Not many cultures that I am aware of have achieved this stability with their environment, unless you include the possibility of 'die back' when things are scarce. Most cultures expand to the extent of their resources. If Hitler was not aware of this we would have been spared WWII.



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