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Date: Sun 08 Dec 2002 - 01:23:00 GMT

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    > SNIP.......Steve:
    >> Also,implicit in your statement seems to be the idea that social evolution
    > has a
    >> destination? Society changes, and good or ill are relative to the society of
    >> the observer.
    >> Regards
    >> Steve.
    > Hi Steve
    > In my study of narrative form I developed a theory that the linear
    > rhetorical form of outcome based narratives, such as we all grew up with,
    > normalise the notion that outcomes and destinations are the inevitable
    > result of existence.

    The notion you talk about would appear to be correct for any society

    > In my memetics, subtle cultural notions such as these are part of a coded
    > sets of information ( culture memes which form a complete 'strand', or
    > cneme, for want of a better word) which constrains the production of
    > culture so that evolution can't happen outside of previously set perameters.
    > It is the 'cenemes', of which I have only mentioned one, which make memes
    > appear to be good or bad to different peoples (as our current case-study
    > clearly shows).
    > Like the mapping of the human genome, the mapping of a cultural cneme is
    > possible through the analysis of the most enduring elements of that culture
    > - - its narratives and their form.
    > 'owzat Steve?
    > Jeremy
    I don't have any qualms as such, I just tend to note when people tend to ascribe a direction to evolution. It occurs (evolution), and only humans ascribe good or ill (and a direction) to it.

    Not a cricket fan thank god:-) and I hope I've faired better!



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