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Date: Sat 07 Dec 2002 - 10:46:02 GMT

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    >Also,implicit in your statement seems to be the idea that social evolution
    has a
    >destination? Society changes, and good or ill are relative to the society of
    >the observer.
    Hi Steve In my study of narrative form I developed a theory that the linear rhetorical form of outcome based narratives, such as we all grew up with, normalise the notion that outcomes and destinations are the inevitable result of existence. In my memetics, subtle cultural notions such as these are part of a coded sets of information ( culture memes which form a complete 'strand', or cneme, for want of a better word) which constrains the production of culture so that evolution can't happen outside of previously set perameters. It is the 'cenemes', of which I have only mentioned one, which make memes appear to be good or bad to different peoples (as our current case-study clearly shows). Like the mapping of the human genome, the mapping of a cultural cneme is possible through the analysis of the most enduring elements of that culture
    - its narratives and their form.
    'owzat Steve? Jeremy

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