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Date: Sat 07 Dec 2002 - 10:08:27 GMT

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    At 01:06 AM 7/12/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >> Joe's memeset said:
    >> >Israel is kinda like the modern Berlin, except, instead of being a
    >> >democratic city surrounded by hostile Communist totalitarian regimes,
    >> >it is a tiny democratic nation surrounded by hostile Islamofascist
    >> >totalitarian regimes.
    >> >>
    >> Jeremy's memeset's reply:
    >> Funny, I thought that their longest boundary was with the Mediteranian
    >> Sea. This is followed by Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and an occupied
    >> section of Syria. Of these, the Med is sometimes hostile but as far as
    >> I know it is atheistic, Jordan is US friendly, Egypt is moderate,
    >> Lebanon (part Christian) just wants peace and quiet and Syria would
    >> like the Golan back thanks.

    Joe's memeset replied:
    >Many governments in the area, including Iraq and Iran, would like to
    >soo Israel disappear. This is also true of many of the citizenry in the
    >nations you just named. Weapons come to the Gaxa Strip via tunnels
    >from Egypt, and Lebanon is a staging area for Hizbullah attacks, with
    >Syria's acquiescence. The Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian media are
    >extremely hostile to Israel, and the Jordanian media is not much better.

    Jeremy's memeset again: OK Joe, I'm catching on now. Your phrase, "surrounded by hostile Islamofascist
     totalitarian regimes", in the way you use it, is more of a creative rhetorical style than actual fact. The factual content of your post, as I see it, is: 1) Fundamentalist Islamic Nation States, who don't share actual boundaries with Israel (but are threatened because they are a part of what fundamentalist Jews think of as the Greater Israel) would prefer if Israel ceased to exist - this may be true but I have no data, 2) Some Palestinians and/or their supporters smuggle weapons from Egypt to Gaza - True, 3) Lebanon is used as a staging area for Hizbullah attacks - True, and 4) Arab media is as biased as Israeli media - True (USAnian media is also biased and so is Australian media, I know this because International Media Studies is one of my degrees).

    I would add, and feel free to agree here Joe: 1) That Israel no longer finds it necessary to smuggle arms like they used to when they were terrorising the British and murdering Palestinians, with the support of US citizens, cos they get 'em flown in direct by good ol' Uncle Sam, 2) Many Jewish and Christian fundies would prefer if Islamic States ceased to exist, 3) News media is an inherently biased medium of communication. You can see how easy it is to agree with each other Joe. Have a nice day Jeremy

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