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Date: Sat 07 Dec 2002 - 05:52:44 GMT

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    >Our aid to Israel is actually substantially larger than for Egypt, when you
    >count both military and open accounts assistance, and it is even greater if
    >you count the numerous trade breaks we give the Israel. Of course, on a per
    >capita basis our aid to Israel is several-fold what we give to anyone else.
    >It is a choice we make, but a costly one, financially, politically, and in
    >terms of our own security.

    You are right here Lawry. The CIA Factbook (sic) states that the (Hebrew) population of Israel is nearly 6.3 million. This includes .25 million 'settlers' in the Occupied Palestine and nearly the same in other disputed areas. It does not include any Arabs whether they live in Israel or its 'possessions'. The 'Factbook' doesn't have an entry for Palestine but it does have an entry for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as if they were separate countries. Nonetheless, as you say the massive amount of aid, (almost $800 per capita next year just in direct military aid alone = $27 from every Usanian), is at the heart of much resentment in Moslem and non-Moslem peoples. Does anyone on the list have a total US/Israeli aid figure? Jeremy

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