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    >Hi Grant,
    >The US Agency for International Development does a pretty good job of
    >providing socio-economic development assistance to the third world.
    >Unfortunately, their three biggest accounts -- as mandated by Congress, are
    >Israel, Egypt (both as political incentives to remain in the 'peace
    >process', and Colombia, for the 'war on drugs'. precious little is left
    >over for true development assistance, yet it is AID that has the singularly
    >important responsibility to show through action that the US is not all
    >bluster and threat. They could well and responsibly use any increase in
    >development funding, and indeed, to his credit, President Bush HAS increased
    >AID's budget for just this purpose. But the idea of spending even a portion
    >of what we have thrown at the 'war on terrorism' into genuine assistance
    >overseas leaves one wondering whether that might not have been a better way
    >of providing the country with security.
    >Best regards,
    Does this 'AID' to Israel include the 4.6 billion USD in military aid which has been budgeted for next year? IMHO if the IDF had less tanks and gunships there would be a better chance of peace as they would have less
    'collateral damage' for the Palestinians to react against.
     As it is the IDF is the best resourced army on the region by far, why would US arms dealers want to risk perpetuating the conflict by the addition of more high-tech weapons? This info is from one of Joe's israpundit articles. Jeremy

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