RE: Lawrence of Arabia and the Sykes-Picot Agreement, revisited

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Date: Thu 05 Dec 2002 - 20:04:04 GMT

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    At 10:12 AM 5/12/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >Greetings, Jeremy,
    >I did not know of this UK 1906 Alien's Act: thanks for the reference, I'll
    >check it out. Good choice on the Weizmann quote (what a great book!)--but
    >have never been able to confirm the Balfour statement independently. Have
    >you or your mother seen it quoted anywhere else?
    >My edition of PILLARS is 1936, and I cannot locate the passages you refer
    >to. Can you give me a chapter and first line citation?

    Last two pages of Chapter CI (101)

    >There is this, in Pillars, but it is hard to tell what is his actual
    >thinking at the time, and what is hindsight. (Daniel Ellsburg bludgeons
    >himself for not having been able to stop the Vietnam war earlier, but will
    >not acknowledge to himself that he did the best he could, and that maybe
    >that is sufficient to demand of anyone. Perhaps Ellsburg is like T.E.
    >T. E. Lawrence, SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM, NY: Doubleday, Doran and Company,
    >1936. Pp. 275-6. This is from Chapter 47, but in the synopsis it is listed
    >as Chapter 48. Jeremy, perhaps your edition has got this straightened out?
    >1919 --
    Yes, there are problems with chapter numbering in different editions, Maybe you would like to discuss this with mother, her address is I am sure she could give you more than I could. The Balfour Quote is also in Dimbleby, J, The Palestinians, Quartet, London, 1979, p.35. Cheers Jeremy

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