Re: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Wade Smith (
Date: Thu 05 Dec 2002 - 14:25:07 GMT

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    On Thursday, December 5, 2002, at 09:14 AM, Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

    > but I still would place
    > my bets on this being the country that most advances human
    > civilization over
    > the next fifty years or so.

    There is nothing to bet about for the last fifty years....

    > The
    > executive branch of our government has been overtaken by Christian
    > fundamentalism,

    I wouldn't go that far. Some swaying, yes, in that direction, but, they are still politicians in those chairs, not clerics. And politicians only go the way the wind is blowing, and there are lots of winds in this country, as you say.

    > The markers of the
    > failure of their vision are beginning to manifest themselves.

    It's a shallow wind, a non-fragrant backdraft against the founding breath.

    - Wade

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