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    > > In numerous posts many of us have pointed out the fact that you can't
    > > with memes of faith.
    >I'm afraid you've misread the situation. Please look into the topic of
    >personality disorders. Aside from a wealth of material on the Internet,
    >there's a very readable account by M. Scott Peck called *People of the
    >This will give you a very good understanding of what's going on here.
    As Bill Clinton might have said, I guess it all depends on how you define a
    "lie." I don't think the person who fights (argues) for what he believes is lying. When people divide themselves into opposing groups based on a feeling of what is right and wrong, they always think the side they are on is right and the other side is wrong. I don't believe in an absolute right or wrong. The concepts are based on cultural values and vary with the culture of the person using them.

    Some Muslims, for example, feel that it's all right to kill infidels, whether they did anything to one personally or not. I feel the very opposite. There is no argument I can use that will change the minds of those Muslims and no argument they can use that will change mine. Therefore, all argument between us would be useless. This is not to say there are not other methods that might accomplish this objective.


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