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            One has to consider the violent and virulent power of the radical Islamic memeplex infecting many Palestinians. Arafat feared assassination at the hands of the Radical Islamists much more than he feared it at the hands of the nevertheless hated Israelis, even the Zionists, because they do not enjoy the power to force the governmental collusion that Hamas (Zeal), Hizbollah (Party of God) and Islamic Jihad (Islamic Struggle) enjoy to force their agenda upon a necessarily compliant Palestinian Authority. In Israel, such people as the assassinated Kach leader Meir Kahane are on the fringe; in Palestine, they comprise the mainstream.
            When we look at Ted's flawed parallels, we see that the whites have been able to perdure in a black-ruled South Africa, and the same goes for whites in the the US after the Civil War, the end of Jim Crow, and the Martin Luther King civil rights revolution. Who seriously believes that, instead of the Israelis, if Hamas, Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad had the weaponry that the Israelis possess, that a single Jew would remain alive in Israel for long?

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