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Date: Wed 04 Dec 2002 - 07:12:25 GMT

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    Ted Dace wrote:

    >Why do I wish to insult him? Because he refuted Sheldrake!
    >While plenty of people on this list have offered thoughtful, constructive
    >criticism of Sheldrake, Joe is not among them. The most exhaustive
    >discussion came from Derek Gatherer, who wisely dropped the subject after
    >it became clear that he wasn't able to offer any kind of clear-cut
    >refutation. Like any sensible person, Gatherer declared his disagreement
    >and let it go at that. Intelligent people can agree to disagree. If anyone
    >ever does conclusively refute holistic biology, it'll certainly be news.
    >No doubt Skeptical Inquirer will feature the story on its cover.

    Much as I hesitate to respond to this post, as a point of clarification, Gatherer's last word on Sheldrake referred to the theory as an elaborate delusion comparable to Velikovsky's 'Worlds in Collision', a work from the 1950s which claimed to show that Venus was ejected from Jupiter 3500 years ago.

    Ray Recchia

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