RE: Japanese Univ. to set up world meme bank

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Wed 04 Dec 2002 - 03:44:23 GMT

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    >>Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 11:49:42 -0500
    >>Interesting thought, Grant...
    >Let me guess. You don't type the "On Behalf Of" part of your reply. Your
    >e-mail set-up does it for you. Funny that I don't see "On Behalf Of Grant"
    >in this reply to me ;-)

    Somehow the atributions are getting all mixed up here. I'm not sure what goes out on the end of my e-mail as it's usually stuck on there by MSN. But I've never noticed "On Behalf of" in any of it. And I'm not sure which thought you thought was interesting. So many things have gone back and forth that I've lost track of what and who are replying to what. I'm not even sure that what you're replying to here is from me. I often find my name at the bottom of someone else's post making it look as if I said it. Maybe if you refresh my memory on which post you're talking about I can give you a better notion of whether I said it or not.



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