Re: Japanese Univ. to set up world meme bank

From: William Benzon (
Date: Tue 03 Dec 2002 - 16:27:38 GMT

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    on 12/2/02 10:25 AM, Grant Callaghan at wrote:

    > They use the term "ideas" rather than memes but the concept looks like a
    > meme bank to me.
    > Check out:,1282,56374,00.html
    > Frankly, I think the idea is too big for a university and the number of
    > ideas (memes) in the world is growing much too fast for any group to keep
    > up.

    From my point of view, the most astonishing thing about this proposal is that they guy seems utterly unaware of the large body of recent research on this general topic (generally know as knowledge representation, perhaps with an emphasis on ontology). Looks like he's setting out to reinvent the wheel.

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