JoM-EMIT paper: An Expansion and Critique of de Sousa’s Framework ... by Steven Dowd

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Date: Fri 29 Nov 2002 - 10:12:45 GMT

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    An Expansion and Critique of de Sousa’s Framework for the Evolutionary Processes of Chess Openings by Steven B.Dowd

    - a commentary on Dowd's paper: Chess moves and their memomics: a framework for the evolutionary processes of chess openings


    Three critiques, two minor and one major, regarding de Sousa’s (2002) framework for the evolutionary processes of chess openings, are provided in terms not of disproving his framework, but instead expanding on it, especially in relationship to his consideration that positions are memes, but do not contribute to this evolutionary process. One minor critique focuses on his insistence on separating opening moves from positions; opening moves lead to positions, and the human mind, in playing and learning chess, focuses on positions, rather than moves. The second minor critique is of his description of quasi-extinction, making variations disappear from the literature; this does indeed happen, but variations also sometimes spring back into the literature because a hard-working master has re-evaluated a position resulting from opening moves. The final and major critique is that de Sousa does not give adequate thought to the development of chess thought, which is itself a recipeme of major importance in chess evolution.

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