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From: Jon Gilbert (
Date: Fri 29 Nov 2002 - 00:07:09 GMT

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    >Yes I can see your point, though, but from my POV that is maybe the
    >fact I dislike the most in the American/ Usasian attitude, that there ain 't
    >' individuality ' in it.
    >You seem to think all quite the same, one country, one nation, one voice !

    That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!

    >IMO, what you described in above can be seen as a ' faith ', no doubt
    >a positive one from your side of the channel when you look at it, but
    >from my side of the great pond I see a country that is willing to impose
    >its " democratic " values and its compulsary memes upon the rest of
    >the world. If you don 't realize that for others that is unacceptable you '
    >in the wrong country.

    Most Americans don't even care about that sort of stuff.

    >Oh I believe that is part of the American tradition and part of the ways
    >by which America was founded, but it seems fair to say if you see the
    >European cultural/ social/ political diversity as the major point why we
    >don 't engage ourselves in a stupid war, than you make me upset.
    >Than is the ways by which Americans, like you and Joe talk to us the
    >Europeans a question of " culture " !
    >If you say that the diversity, like Joe seems to indicate, is a flaw to the
    >reason why we don 't go to war with Iraq, than you attack our/ my way
    >of life... and I am not a Radical Muslim, far from it !
    >It is this kind of attitude, this kind of reasoning, the lack of patriotism
    >that you see as a slur on the European vail, that we/ I dislike !
    >It is just in the diversity of our, yes, bloody cultures we find peace
    >and ease of mind, and yes, the same diversity holds us back to become
    >a true European nation, but at least we hold back the praises of wherein
    >patriotism and sacrifice of authoritatives are displayed....
    >That kind of conservatism is since long replaced by the Enlightment and
    >Modernism and even Post- Modernism.
    >And please, stop the stupid phrase that you have rescued us ! I am from
    >the second generation after WWII and, really I don 't care,...the war is
    >since long over, each year we remerber the deaths, but you ain 't gonna
    >get that meme in my head !
    >We the younger generation don 't care that the US helped us, we don 't
    >even border to say thanks ! Why should we !? It was and still isn 't
    >our war, and moreover, the war on terrorism is not our war either !
    >For far I can tell, in Europe, Western Europe there hasn 't been an
    >attack by any Muslim organisation in the sense of disctating us to
    >confert ourselves to Islam !
    >The hardest things that happened here were demonstrations and a
    >few riots the last couple of days in Antwerp.
    >And than again, when a racistic whitey shoots a Marokkian man
    >out of, what now seems to be psychological distress, and when
    >the Marokkian community haunts the streets shouting we' re all
    >racists and don 't even border to watch_ its so spoonfed.

    That's the same thing that we were saying before 9/11. So just wait. Although, I personally don't believe that a war on terrorism can ever be as effective as, for instance, a war on world poverty and oppression.

    >The possible, maybe real danger is that AEL movement, the
    >Arabic European Liga, which is defending the ' rights ' of the
    >Arabic community in Europe, with no support within that commu-
    > for the time be...
    >On the other hand, we had Trabalsi, a footballplayer who tried
    >to blow up the American embassy in Paris, but failed, but again,
    >there is no real threat.
    >And today, after the attacks in Kenya, the police set a double-
    >guard at the gates of the Jewish neigbourhood in Antwerp, but
    >that's soldiers in the streets, nothing !
    >You 're getting panaroid folks !
    >And like 9/ 11 indicates you have good reasons to be, but don 't
    >compare Europe to your home country, we' re different and I like
    >it to stay it that way.
    >Maybe we're in the wrong and the future will tell, but don 't try
    >to get us hooked on the terrorism- meme.
    >Denile maybe works for us, let us be !
    >Fights your wars, but leave us out of them.

    So now Europeans *want* America to act unilaterally? What?

    JS Gilbert

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