Re: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Thu 28 Nov 2002 - 02:10:55 GMT

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    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
    >Subject: Re: Why Europe is so Contrary
    >Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 20:08:32 -0500
    >On Wednesday, November 27, 2002, at 07:51 , Grant Callaghan wrote:
    >>When Gore (or whoever) starts asking the perennial question: "How well off
    >>do you feel now compared to how you felt under Clinton/Gore?" the
    >>Democrats will come roaring back and the rallying cry will be that the
    >>Republicans stole the election last time and look at the mess we're in
    >You're a good Democrat, Grant, God love ya....

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