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Date: Wed 27 Nov 2002 - 20:43:55 GMT

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    > Kenneth might not realize that we're supposed to have a separation of
    > and state over here. The religious right may not like that idea very much,
    > but so be it. I have my own agnostic reservations about "one nation under
    > God" or "in God we trust", but don't lose any sleep over it. If Pat
    > Robertson or any of his ilk ever becomes president, that's when I start
    > worrying.

    Scott, Jon,

    My point along was, has been, is and will be that underneath the US, and I suspect in an equal sense underneath Europe a religious bias is running free. But IMO, the one underneath the US is stronger, more active so to speak. Memetic like, the foreign policy of the US is IMO based within that religious thought.
     I just want to see which kind of memeset is running underneath the US and how and in what way that opposites the set of Europe and thus how and why Europe is so contrary.

    It may be that there is a supposed separation of church and politics in the US, and again I suspect in an equal sense in Europe ( although that prooves in many cases not to be), but I think, call it a gut feeling, that religion and the American constitution is intertwined in such ways that the tokens of belief always are counted in_ the one can 't get around without the other so the speak, where IMO, in Europe such things are gone. In cases of abortion of euthanisia still religion plays its markers but those came finally through.

    There is a sense of ' belief' call it religion if you like in the US, call it selfesteem, that ain 't be found in Europe. And IMO, and that is what I tried to explain to Joe, is the difference in approach and why we, Europe is so contrary. There is a difference of ' belief ', and still IMO that belief is biased on a real religious ground.

    IIRC, the US, as the plural, was it William James ?, correct me if I am wrong, is biased on Lamarckism for its politics or something, have to check it..... And Lamarckism stands for " creation ", and if this might be true, IMO, the foreign polticy of the US is prejudiced.....



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