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Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 19:47:54 GMT

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    > At 07:11 PM 23/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    > >I respect Chomsky's opinions on these issues little more than I
    > >respect those of Robert Fisk or Edward Said. What might trouble such
    > >types about MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) is that
    > >they present information and opinions that conflict with the schema
    > >which the above authors proffer, but which they cannot refute, for
    > >what they present are the horse's mouth messages of the Muslim
    > >government officials, media outlets and mullahs themselves, and
    > >although they might like to kill this translating messenger, the
    > >messages are authentic, authentically translated, and their sources
    > >are voluminously documented.
    > >
    > Sure buddy, but why did you not address the four criteria for peace as
    > reported (quite simply) by the Arabic News (all you did was to
    > denigrate Egyptian media integrity out of hand). They are the genuine
    > concerns of the majority of ME peoples. Let me refresh your memory.
    > "Al-Baz set out a number of conditions that needed to be met by Israel
    > so as to enjoy peace with its Arab neighbors. He said that foremost of
    > all conditions was Israel's renouncement of all its expansionist
    > schemes and its dumping of the theory of stretching its land from the
    > Nile to the Euphrates.
    Israle has no such ambitions; the assertion of same is a self-serving anti-Isreal canard. Remember that Menachem Begin gave the Sinai, part of the land contained in that description, back to Sadat's Egypt; some Zionists want to annex the West Bank, but that is as far as their ambitions extend.
    >Al-Baz prodded Israel to dismantle its military
    > nuclear program noting that it (Israel) should not expect to establish
    > a durable peace with its neighbors so long as it continued to possess
    > nuclear weapons.
    As long as Israel is so massively outnumbered by adversaries who have shown a propensity to invade it and who seem to be willing to use chemical and biological weapons against the hated Jewish 'pigs' and
    'dogs' (at least Saddam has stated as much), Israel will feel the need for an equalizer.
    > Israel must stop its settlement building
    I agree with this; existing settlements must also be removed. Most Israelis understand that this will have to be part and parcel of a comprehensive peace, and that the settlers are being cynically used as a bargaining chip by the Israeli government to pressure the Palestinians into concessions on other issues.
    > and commit
    > itself to a declared timetable to withdraw from the occupied lands, he
    > said."
    Every time Israel withdraws from them, they are used to form the bases for terror attacks against Israeli civilians, and Israel is compelled to return to clean out the vipers' nests that have grown there in their absence. If terror from withdrwn-from lands ceased, Israel would feel no need to reoccupy tham for its own self-protection.
    . That is all Joe. What is so hard about renouncing its plans for
    > an Israeli Super-State, giving up its WMDs, stop building settlements
    > on acknowledged Palestinian land and committing to an autonomous
    > Palestinian State; after all that's mostly what the UN has repeatedly
    > directed Israel to do.
    I believe that I have addressed each of these points individually in this post.
    > The only alternative to these requests is to
    > relocate or kill the entire Palestinian population; an alternative
    > which is not out of the question for some radical Zionist
    > fundamentalists. I read what you post and try to comment on it, as
    > well as my typing speed allows. So come on tell me why you wouldn't
    > support these four peace initiatives when the obvious alternative is
    > constant war. What is so hard about telling Zion to back off?
    The only possibility for these points to be implemented would be for: 1) Palestinians to cease terror operations against Israelis, and 2) the rest of the surrounding Muslim countries to negotiate a durable peace with Israel, as Egypt and Jordan have done.
    > Jeremy
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