Re: Israeli and Palestinian terrorism

Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 18:48:53 GMT

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    > Yes, there was a mixed relationship between Ben Gurion and the
    > Irgun/Stern Gang 'terrorists.' It was a relationship quite similar to
    > that of Arafat and Hamas/Al-Aqsa Brigades/Islamic Jihad, and now to
    > Sharon and the terror elements of the Israeli vigilante right-wing.
    > The dynamics of these relationship are very similar, and the memes
    > that the parties used to modulate those relationships eerily similar.
    > Ben Gurion, Sharon and Arafat are the politicians and diplomats, and
    > the Irgun/Stern/terror night-riders/vigilantes/Hamas/Al-Aqsa/Jihad
    > groups the muscle. At times, the politicians decry the excesses of
    > the muscle, and use the threat of the muscle to assert that their, the
    > politician's, hands are tied, they can only compromise so much. Yet
    > the communications between the two are continuous and their actions
    > knowingly synergistic. When the muscle needs to lie low, the
    > politicians pass those instructions along, and when there is time for
    > a demonstration of power, the muscle is unleashed. If the muscle feels
    > the politicians are being too cautious, they let the politicians know
    > it, and expect a hardening of the politician's stand.
    > We can also draw the same parallels between the Israeli government
    > today and the terror elements within parts of the current Israeli
    > right-wing (e.g. the settler who shot up the Dome Mosque worshippers,
    > or the Hebron night-riders).
    > Did Ben Gurion control his 'terrorists'? Not entirely. Does Arafat
    > control his 'terrorists'? Not entirely. Does Sharon control the
    > terror activities of right-wing settlers? Of course, the British found
    > it convenient to assert that the Irgun and Stern Gangs were tools of
    > Ben Gurion and the Zionist movement, as Israel now finds it convenient
    > to assert that Arafat controls Hamas, etc., as the Palestinians find
    > it convenient to blame Sharon for the acts of the terrorist
    > right-wingers. But the reality is quite a bit more complicated, nor
    > are the distinctions as important as many assert.
    > I do believe that both the Palestinians and the Israelis can come to a
    > peaceful, compromise resolution despite their respective terrorist
    > elements and history. Conditions do not favor this now, of course,
    > but it remains the central truth and necessity over the longer-term,
    > and the majority of the people who count most in the matter -- the
    > Israelis and Palestinians themselves -- seem to agree with this.
    > Cheers,
    > Lawry

    I find this to be a most reasonable post.

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