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Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 11:32:17 GMT

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    At 11:50 PM 23/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >Notice that the source media outlets and the authors of the quotes are
    >included with them as documentation.
    >And what if the full, 50-year-old articles are not available online? I will
    >try to obtain them for you, but the quotes themselves are explicit and
    >univocal enough that I fail to see how alternative interpretations of what
    >they most plainly say is possible.

    Yep, they are cool Joe, and I for one am not saying that there have not been atrocities on both sides, or that we couldn't all write our own
    'laundry list'. What I am saying is that there are fundies on both sides and in an eye-for-an-eye fight, we all may end up blinded. Oh BTW I'm off for a couple of weeks - see yous later (traditional Ausie farewell) Jeremy PS the death count in the recent intafada is three to one, Palestinians to Israelis. IMO the Palestinians will continue until the account is square, there is peace, or they are all dead. USAnians would be the same with their backs to the wall, and probably so would I. Love ya

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