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From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 06:20:58 GMT

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    On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 12:13 , Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

    > There is a formal research project underway in memetics, by one of our
    > list
    > members. Memes are being tracked in a locality, with a control group,
    > and
    > measures made of the behavioral impacts of the meme. I think the
    > results may
    > be reported in approximately a year. Preliminary reports look
    > promising.

    _Something_ is being tracked. (Somehow- it would be nice to know how it is defined to see if it is anything other than mere data.)

    Let us show that a meme is a necessary and sufficient condition for the delta of the data, and, perhaps, memetic theory holds some promise.

    - Wade

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