RE: Why Europe is so Contrary

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Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 05:53:46 GMT

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    Joe, you ARE talking to a relative of someone who died in the World Trade Center.

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    > And the threat is quite real, and does not require my belief for it to be
    > so, as there is voluminous evidence of same; if you don't believe me or
    > the non-Muslim news media, just ask a relative of one of those who died
    > in the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon, or the Bali nightclub, or the
    > Tunisian synagogue, or the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, or
    > aboard the USS Cole, or in more than 80 Palestinian suicide bombings
    > in Israel over the past two years, or in the Kurdish villages that were
    > gassed.

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