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Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 05:31:05 GMT

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    > Tsk, tsk, Joe. I can see that you haven't read any of my postings on
    > the Israeli-Palestinian dispute during the last year plus....
    Oh, I've read your one-sided screeds on the issue. Reading dreck does not entail accepting it.
    > Anti-American? How little you understand! And how little you know!
    I understand what you write and what I read of it (which is just about all), and that leads me to the certain knowledge that if you aren't anti- american, you do a helluva job of faking it.
    > People on the list do tend to need to counter your diatribes by
    > reminding (or trying to remind you) of the flip side to your
    > arguments, so it is quite true that we end up presenting a litany of
    > facts and concepts that try to correct the imbalance we perceive in
    > your views.
    Funny; that's what I perceive myself doing for/to you, except for the fact that I actually DO present documented facts, whereas you do not. Believe it or not, your quite visible emotionalism and personal investment in your views does not, in the absence of facts, logic or evidence, grant them truth.
    > But we have never had a real discussion with you about
    > the US and its foreign policy, Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Israel or
    > Palestine, because instead of a real discussion, we get in to futile
    > efforts to break through your prejudices and anger, as you do to pound
    > your views into us.
    No, actually, you blow your short fuse and resort to the ad hominem attack-the-messenger-when-you-can't-refute-the-message fallacy of calling me names like an angry and frustrated little schoolboy whose Santa Claus delusion has just been irreparably shattered by a truth he heard on the bus from an upperclassman. He regresses to blind, angry, irrational, invective-filled denial. Just as you do. I counter with a picture of the actual North Pole, with nary a Santa house in sight.
    > I am told that you have been kicked off another list (CoV), and warned
    > on at least one other, not because of the substance of your views but
    > because of the way you behave on the list. I do find that it makes
    > true discussion quite difficult and wastes a huge amount of time of
    > people who otherwise have a lot to offer each other and learn from
    > each other.
    Actually, I am still quite active on the CoV, but another person left when he could not argue the merits on the same issue and stooped to slandering my mother. You, OTOH, have only slandered me. I WAS kicked off the Genius list, but only because I refused to become a fawning acolyte of their resident gurus' sexist and racist agenda.
    > There are a lot of interesting things that we should be discussing,
    > and we need to find a way to do it without your impeding the process.
    Yeah; it IS better for you types to hone your prejudices without pesky little things like documented facts getting in your way, ain't it?
    > My hope, Joe, is that we can let this calm down, and that you can
    > consider the effect you have on the list's interactions, and find some
    > way to become more effective for both yourself and the rest of us on
    > this list.
    Well, I'll make you a deal; if you and your memclones cease and desist attempting to forcibly floodmorph this list into a Hamas propaganda outlet with your constant, unsupported and illegitimate US-and-Israel- bashing (with no mention whatsoever of Palestinian suicide bombers or Al Quaeda terror flyers or of the thousands of Kurds that Saddam has gassed), I will feel no need to employ facts, evidence and logic to effectively counter it.
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    > > You hate the quotes, but they are valid. Tough turds if they
    > > puncture your preconceptions or piss off your filter.
    > Quotes are never valid if they are taken out of essential context.
    > Please provide us with the full context of the quotes (the full texts
    > from which they were extracted), and we will be able to see in fact
    > whether your extractions are valid.
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