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Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 05:33:53 GMT

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    Hi, Grant,

    Sorry I missed your initial posting on this. Too busy keeping the jibes flowing, I guess <smile>.

    I think you've described the play accurately. Our own memetic case study.

    Oddly, though, there is an undertone of seriousness about it, too. Joe is worried that people don't see the threat that he believes surrounds him/us. I, and others, are worried that those who see the world as Joe does will lead the US to doing dangerous things in the world. In the same way that Indian princes (I am told) were instructed in chess as a way to learn war strategy, so we practice our memes here, knowing that there is a world out there in which they may come to operate.

    Cheers, Lawry

    > > >When Joe and Lawry were trading jibes, each chose particular words and
    > >ideas
    > > >to achieve a specific set of goals. Some goals included attempts at
    > > >dominance, the change of mind set in lurkers, attempts to humiliate the
    > > >other party (part of dominance), attack and defense with word
    > play, and a
    > > >good time was had by all. It was the verbal equivalent of a game of
    > >chess.
    > > >It was also a good example of how we use memes, transfer memes, and
    > > >contribute to the meme pool in general.

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