Re: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Sun 24 Nov 2002 - 00:21:19 GMT

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    At 06:45 PM 23/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 05:56 , Jeremy Bradley wrote:
    >> We Aussies eat tomartoes ;~)
    >Coming from Connecticut originally, well, brought up, mostly, there- it
    >was not uncommon to hear, and for me to repeat, saying 'water' as
    >'warter'. Adding in 'r' is very usual in portions of New England. We
    >never stretched it to tomatoes, though, but then, those in Oz tend to
    >stretch things a bit further than necessary. Look how long you've kept
    >the umbilical cord to the Queen stretched across several oceans....
    >- Wade
    Ouch!!!!!! Not me tho', I'm a dinki-di republican of Irish decent, (it's why I don't like empire builders). Jeremy

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