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    At 05:39 PM 23/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >> At 04:01 PM 23/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >> Joe........
    >> >I did. Interesting, but hardly objective. Ifnya notice, I don't
    >> >post from Jewish news agancies for the same reason. But I think I'll
    >> >add Arabic news to my list of Islamic news links. Here are some
    >> >others for you; I find the first to be especially informative.
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> Arabic News is quite a moderate Egyptian publication Joe, and I
    >> thought that I gave you their URL already. Jeremy
    >Yeah, you did, come to think of it - although these days it is hard to find
    >the words "moderate" "Egyptian" and "news" placed legitimately in the
    >same sentence.
    Thanks for the MEMRIs Joe but I hardly think that it is any more objective than others. These recommendations are a bit uniform:
    " the excellent Middle East Media Research Institute"
                          -Former CIA director James Woolsey, June 10, 2002

                     "Plenty of journalists leaned heavily on MEMRI's translations, citing 'the invaluable Middle East
                     Media Research Institute.' In fact, 'invaluable' has been written so often before MEMRI's name
                     that one could have been forgiven for thinking the word was part of the name. MEMRI served as
                     an antidote to darkness, as a way not to be ignorant. The veil has been lifted by MEMRI."
                          -Jay Nordlinger, National Review, May 6, 2002

                     "MEMRI does an outstanding job of reviewing the Arab language press. Knowing what is being
                     said about America and Israel is critical to understanding the Middle East. Holding Arab leaders
                     accountable for failure to refute outrageous lies about America and Israel is an important part of
                     our public diplomacy efforts and ultimately our Middle East policy."
                          - U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, February, 2002

    I wonder what Chomsky would say about them. Jeremy

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