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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 21:29:01 GMT

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    >I think it dates from before the establishment of the state of Israel,
    >making such a devious and crafty plan impossible. But such an
    >accusation does play into Protocols-of-Zion-type antisemitic
    >stereotypes of Jews as devious and crafty.
    >> Grant
    Hey Joe where you goin' with that misconception in your head. It looks like we should be asking why USAnia is being so contrary. You must face the fact that US public perceptions are manufactured, and that Zionists own a lot of media, have a lot of financial clout and are BIG in politics. Truth is the first victim of conflict. Jeremy

    Try these links Euro-deputy resigns to protest silence over Israeli policy Euro-deputy and former Portuguese president Mario Soares has reigned from his position as chairman of the European Parliament's delegation on relations with Israel. Palestine, Politics European Parliament calls for suspension of agreement with Israel They called on France to prepare a bill to suspend economic cooperation with Israel, similar to that on which the Belgian Parliament is set to vote. Palestine, Politics

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