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Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 20:24:38 GMT

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    At 12:40 PM 23/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >> At 12:37 PM 22/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >> >
    >> >Hi, Scott,
    >> >By 'anti-Semitic' I mean bigoted against any or all Semitic races,
    >> >including Arabs. Islam, being a religion, would not be included,
    >> >though of course many Muslims are Arabs and vice versa. My experience
    >> >of bigots is that their bigotry can swing around at anytime to attack
    >> >anyone who is 'different,' so it should not bring much comfort to
    >> >Jews - or anyone else - that Joe has so far focused his anti-Semitism
    >> >on Arabs and Muslims.
    >> I think that we need to separate Zionism, (an aggressive political
    >> position which supports the creation of the Greater Israeli State,
    >> genocide and ethnic cleansing), Judaism (the religion) and Jews (the
    >> Jewish people). The area of land claimed by Zion is that which was
    >> 'given' to Abraham and his descendants by his God in a 'vision'. I've
    >> always thought that it was fairly suspect land deal (no witnesses).
    >> See Gen. 15: 18-21. Personally I don't mind Judaism or Jews but I
    >> think that the US backed Zionist movement is the most dangerous
    >> political force in the World today. <snip>
    >I must disagree with you, and so must most of the non-Muslim world.
    >The most dangerous political force in the world today, wreaking havoc
    >and terror across the globe from Bali to Kashmir to Jerusalem to New
    >York, is undoubtedly the memeset of Radical Islam.
    Joe as I read it, even Osama was reacting against US/Israeli persecution and expansionism. I have not read anywhere that he was attempting to convert the world to Islam - as you keep saying. The requests from most of the Muslim world are as stated by Al Baz in the piece that I sent you. If those four conditions were met the Islamofasists, as you name them rightly, would have no more support base than the KKK has in Christendom. The problem is the aggresive Zionist expansionism. And, Joe, we know who you think is more dangerous - you have made it abundantly clear. What I was saying is that the majority of even the Brits and the Ausies - polls have been done - think that the Iraq thing is a beat-up for oil. From this data I would extrapolate that, worldwide support for the US/Zionist project is at an all time low. Pakistan treats its women worse and has a military dictatorship, but no oil. Korea exports missile technology and has a nuclear programme, but no oil. Syria has the largest stocks of chemical and biological weapons in the ME, but no oil. Use that marvellous brain of yours Joe, and go figure Jeremy

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