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Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 11:17:47 GMT

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    At 12:37 PM 22/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >Hi, Scott,
    >By 'anti-Semitic' I mean bigoted against any or all Semitic races, including
    >Arabs. Islam, being a religion, would not be included, though of course
    >many Muslims are Arabs and vice versa.
    >My experience of bigots is that their bigotry can swing around at anytime to
    >attack anyone who is 'different,' so it should not bring much comfort to
    >Jews - or anyone else - that Joe has so far focused his anti-Semitism on
    >Arabs and Muslims.

    I think that we need to separate Zionism, (an aggressive political position which supports the creation of the Greater Israeli State, genocide and ethnic cleansing), Judaism (the religion) and Jews (the Jewish people). The area of land claimed by Zion is that which was 'given' to Abraham and his descendants by his God in a 'vision'. I've always thought that it was fairly suspect land deal (no witnesses). See Gen. 15: 18-21. Personally I don't mind Judaism or Jews but I think that the US backed Zionist movement is the most dangerous political force in the World today. So I'm not anti-Semitic cos I have both Jewish and Palestinian friends, but I am anti Zionist. IMHO the confusion about the term 'anti Semitic' is the result of a memetic weapon, crafted and used by Zionists to denigrate pro Palestinian intellectual debate Jeremy

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