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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 10:27:55 GMT

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    At 08:51 PM 23/11/02 +1100, you wrote:
    >At 06:01 PM 22/11/02 -0600, you wrote:
    >>> Joe:
    >>> Need a definition of "usanians". Not in any dictionary I can find!
    >>Bruce: They are people who come from usanus.
    >No guys you won't find it in the dictionaries 'cos it's one of mine, but
    >the confusion is somewhat diminished if you use the upper case for the
    >first three letters, i.e. USAnia. I found that it was less insulting for
    >the rest of the American nations to have a word to describe those Americans
    >who just come from the USA. After all Mexico has Mexicans, Argentina has
    >Argentinians, Canada has Canadians, so I thought it was only fair that the
    >USA should have USAnians.
    >I hope that this has cleared up any misunderstandings.
    Looks like I must have re-invented the wheel again. Thank you all for your research. Jeremy

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