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From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 04:03:42 GMT

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    Joe wrote:

    <<You're talking attitude engineering and self-programmed control; Richard Brodie is deeply into this, and he has some good points to make - my only problem with his position is that he seems to value comforting lies over unsettling truths, and I would rather be a Socrates unsatisfied than a satisfied newage white-light fluffybunny (not that I am imputing either of those positions to you). For me, on a deeper level, knowing is more important than feeling good, if they must come into conflict.>>

    I'm flattered you've familiarized yourself with my philosophical meanderings. It's not for the sake of comfort that I suggest choosing memes that aren't obviously true... it's for the sake of what you consider most important. For you, deep knowing is apparently of major importance. For others, it is not. I think Lawry, for example, values harmony and tolerance far more than you do. The memes he chooses may support that, and he may not pay much attention to points of view that lead to the conclusion that a certain culture is irreparably anathema to our own. If his chosen purpose in life is to be a force for harmony and tolerance, he will naturally come into conflict with someone such as you who puts forth such a barrage of evidence counter to his core values.

    I appreciate the value both of you bring to this discussion.

    Richard Brodie

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