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Date: Sat 23 Nov 2002 - 02:29:07 GMT

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    On Friday, November 22, 2002, at 09:02 , Bruce Howlett wrote:

    > What is relevant to memetics here is the power of a belief.

    What sort of power did the catholic missionaries have that infected entire continents?

    Was it really the power of a belief?

    What is it about proselytizing religions that moves them into and among a populace?

    > remedy for chest colds, consisting of a slathering of goose fat on the
    > chest covered with brown paper, bandaged on for 3 days. Sounds like
    > torture to me but she swore it worked.

    Most chest colds will dissipate over three days, from natural immunities. The placebo effect has, in several studies, been eliminated as a cause.

    The sustain over time of a belief and its distribution is what is relevant to memetics. Power is not a useful descriptor, since it is a physical property and needs to be measured rather than deduced.

    - Wade

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