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Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 23:51:34 GMT

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    Hi Joe
    > Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 12:47:52 -0600
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    > Subject: RE: Why Europe is so Contrary
    >> Snip....................Joe:
    >>>> ...the US has to be blamed for EVERYthing. I don't think you have
    >> carefully
    >>>> considered the memetic nature of the threat to postmodern
    >>>> civilization by a violently cannibalistic medieval memeset.>
    >>>> Snip.............
    >> Maybe that is what we have got Joe, a 'postmodern civilisation';
    >> everyone defines their own; everyone doubts the Grand-narratives. But,
    >> at the same time, everyone is civilised too. To think that this
    >> blissful state of affairs could be jeopardised by 'a violently
    >> cannibalistic medieval memeset', it's tragic. Now is that a medieval
    >> memeset that violently devours other medieval memesets, or just other
    >> memesets in general? And Joe, have you considered the effect, on
    >> existing civilisations, of allowing a new violently cannibalistic
    >> memeset to have political and economic dictatorship of the planet?
    >> Jeremy
    > No, the medieval cannibalistis memeset MUST devour modernity, or be
    > devoured BY it. It's cannibalism is a survival strategy; it can see itself
    > surviving only through conquest. Much as the Nazis did, the
    > Islamofascists appropriate the bloody 'convert or die' methodology; they
    > even share the same scapegoat. Actually, the Wahhabist strain that
    > began this mess is less than 200 years old, so we are seeing the forced
    > REgression of a significant percentage of the members of a once-
    > modernizing faith, which carried the banner of civilization between the
    > Roman Empire and the Enlightenment.
    > The US does not want to rule other countries; it just wants their peoples
    > to be free to form them and democratically choose their leaders on a
    > regular basis, and believes that, if this is the case, that their populaces,
    > out of the conjunction of self-interest and economic interdependence,
    > will learn how to play fairly and well together,
    > and will direct their
    > respective governmental representatives to do the same

    I had to laugh when I saw this bit.

    > (much as
    > Europe has).

    Going by my experiences, exposure to the news etc, the only thing we agree on is not to lob bombs at each other! Fishing is nearly dead as an industry due to half arsed national interest. The CAP is being maintained to support the French government due to their silly agri practices and to support a German government who is already prey to the Agri block in the east. And then Europe is inviting more eager for a few handouts.



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