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Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 19:09:04 GMT

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    Thanks, Scott. I too had hoped that we might engage a discussion on Islam and its tendencies. That is why I have (ad nauseum, perhaps) tried to point people toward Karen Armstrong's BATTLE FOR GOD (hint, hint!) It provides a wonderful departure point for such an examination. I do think that having such an examination will be hard here, with Joe occupying its memespace with his toxicity.

    If it is a feasible alternative, I would be delighted to participate in an exploration of Islamic tendencies off-line with others from this list, where we might make some progress; there is a lot of learning there to be achieved by all, and it would be great if we could do this. Anybody else interested?

    Cheers, Lawry

    Joe:>Lawry forgets that Jews are Semitic; for Lawry, I'm guessing that he
    >would prefer that Jews not exist at all. This European antisemitism has
    >dark and well-known roots, and a horrible history, and it would not
    >surprise me at all if Lawry shared it. For the enemy of his enemies is
    >his friend; thus the enemy of his new friend must be his enemy, also.

    Scott: Whoah there, calm down. I realize that Lawry may have ticked you off with some of his pinpricks, but that's no reason to go off the deep end and characterize him in such a way.

    BTW I share some of Lawry's critical attitude towards Israeli policies and some of the history behind the creation of the Israeli state (eg- the Palestinian nakba).

    I wish he'd apply his font of wisdom to being more critical of Islamist tendencies too.

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