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From: Wade Smith (
Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 17:59:18 GMT

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    On Friday, November 22, 2002, at 12:37 , Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

    > international bullying in the form of
    > power-based relationships.

    You know, I have not been following this discussion, at all, so, this is only a comment upon this one thought.

     From what I know of history, the entire realm of human experience has always included inter-tribal bullying in the form of power-based relationships.

    As in that piece about chimps I forwarded, it is totally obvious that we are genetic and behavioral continuations of fierce and unforgiving and oftimes horrifically cruel primates.

    Every time someone makes the claim that usanians are somehow unique and unprecedented in their 'bullying' I have only to remark that the Maori were not usanians or even capitalists- but that is only the first of over a million examples of 'bullying', even total genocide, that were not performed by usanians.

    Guns, Germs, and Steel. It's how and where you are, not who you are, that determines how far you will wage madness. We're all mad in that way.

    - Wade

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