RE: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 16:08:36 GMT

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    >From: Jeremy Bradley <>
    >Subject: RE: Why Europe is so Contrary
    >Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 21:08:46 +1100
    > >> ...the US has to be blamed for EVERYthing. I don't think you have
    > >> considered the memetic nature of the threat to postmodern civilization
    > >> by a violently cannibalistic medieval memeset.>
    > >>Snip.............
    >Maybe that is what we have got Joe, a 'postmodern civilisation'; everyone
    >defines their own; everyone doubts the Grand-narratives. But, at the same
    >time, everyone is civilised too. To think that this blissful state of
    >affairs could be jeopardised by 'a violently cannibalistic medieval
    >memeset', it's tragic. Now is that a medieval memeset that violently
    >devours other medieval memesets, or just other memesets in general?
    >And Joe, have you considered the effect, on existing civilisations, of
    >allowing a new violently cannibalistic memeset to have political and
    >economic dictatorship of the planet?
    The global caliphate?

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