Re: Islam and Europe

From: Jon Gilbert (
Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 09:10:33 GMT

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    >You're talking attitude engineering and self-programmed control;
    >Richard Brodie is deeply into this, and he has some good points to
    >make - my only problem with his position is that he seems to value
    >comforting lies over unsettling truths, and I would rather be a Socrates
    >unsatisfied than a satisfied newage white-light fluffybunny (not that I am
    >imputing either of those positions to you). For me, on a deeper level,
    >knowing is more important than feeling good, if they must come into

    Yes, I think the deep pleasure of knowledge and the Socratic examination is really the Good, rather than "feeling good" on an ephemeral level. I agree that it's never a 100% smooth cruise. But right now I have slept 9 hours out of the past 102 hours, and I don't know what that's doing to my memes, but it isn't very pretty.

    >I heartily recommend the following site to you; it is maintained by those
    >who have rejected the more violently virulent memes that can be
    >constructed from the material that Islam provides.


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