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Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 05:35:14 GMT

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    Good try, Joe. You and I have been around and around on this before, as have others with you. I realized some time ago that you were not here to learn, but to be righteous, and that you will repeat yourself and cut and paste the tracts of others here until everyone goes mute from exhaustion. It is a total waste of time to discuss things with you, but it is entirely appropriate to call you what you are, and I leave it at that. As it did with Joseph McCarthy, there comes a time to cease debate, and render judgment. I have rendered mine of you (as you have of me), and now others can judge as they see fit. I will from time to time call you on your more manifest sleaze, in case there are newcomers to this list who might be taken in by you. But beyond that, I have no interest in dallying with you.

    This is the first time you are called out for your anti-Semitism? So be it. You've earned it.

    Is this a criticism of you personally? You bet.

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    > Nope, you have it wrong, Joe. The truth is that you scrape the bottom
    > of the barrel for the bottom feeders like "Ibn Warraq" and Daniel
    > Pipes, and you try and foist them on us as if they were legitimate
    > observers and analysts, instead of taking responsibility for yourself
    > for uttering their bigotries.
    Where is the bigotry in their writings? I CHALLENGE AND DARE you to produce it. Hysterical claims of bigotry are the last refuge of those who cannot reason an issue out on its merits.

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