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Date: Fri 22 Nov 2002 - 04:08:25 GMT

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    >Then are you saying that memes are not transmitted through language?
    >Or if they are transmitted from one generation to another, how?
    >Where do the memes of religion come from if not through language?
    >Are they recreated by each of us as we read the texts of the past?
    >Is what we get from the texts only from our own minds and not from
    >the people who wrote the texts?
    >I'd say it's a bit of both rather than only one or the other. But
    >that's my point of view.

    "One must learn from him who knows." Language is one thing; teaching someone how to ride a bicycle is another thing. Riding a bicycle is a meme; but it is not describable in language in a way that can fully transmit its meaning.

    Memes of religion come from master to student. Texts are dead, especially in the hands of those who lack understanding. A teacher with understanding can use a text; a teacher without understanding can only abuse a text. Of course it is not a binary relation; there are levels of understanding.

    I could write a whole book on Adobe Photoshop, but the only way to teach what I know is by showing someone. Oral transmission is not just about language.

    Memes are not things one can be conscious of, when they are operating within oneself; they "are" oneself, at a moment, unless they are non-identified with.

    - JS Gilbert

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